Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Attention kinky technology/marketing geeks!

I have now been chastized by four separate people for neglecting my blog. What's a busy woman to do??! Since begging your forgiveness is really not my style, I will instead give you a little peek into the projects I am currently working on:

- a brand new website - a series of pay-per-view online video workshops on the psychology of BDSM that are based on my 8 years of personal experience as a pro-domme. - a new and improved location for my playspace. - a new way of offering my unique combination of skills to you, the public, so that you can benefit from them in ways you may not have previously considered.

As these come to fruition I will be posting here to tell you all about them.

I promise.

I am currently seeking open-minded and reliable AV/tech/e-marketing people who are skilled at the following things. If you are one person and are able and willing do all of them well...and I like you... then you're hired!! 1. Online video sales of website content 2. Video recording and upload to online format 3. Small business and e-business marketing strategy and manager