Thursday, March 19, 2009

Suddenly, your bedroom fills with the sound of my seductive voice...

In a couple of months you will have the unique opportunity to experience a session with The Alchemical Seductress from the privacy of your own bedroom. I am in the process of recording interactive audio BDSM sessions onto a compact disc.

With this exclusive CD I am hoping to meet the needs of my long-distance fans who may not be able to travel to Toronto, as well as to provide a more economical option for those who are interested in sessions but cannot afford the standard tribute at this time.

The CD will be recorded as though I am speaking directly to you, and will include short gaps of time in which I will instruct you to follow various naughty instructions. At the start of the CD, you will be directed to gather certain items for use as per my direction over the course of the "session".

The themes have yet to be determined, but will likely include:
1. A classic bondage and discipline slave training scene
2. A foot/shoe fetish and trampling scene
3. A sissy slut training scene
4. Another surprise or two...

While the CD is still being created, I am offering you an opportunity to pre-purchase a copy at a reduced rate of $50.00 CDN. Contact me at to place your order and receive payment info.

I will ship it to you directly following its completion date, slated for June 1, 2009.