Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kinky Thought of the Day

"The world is so full of suffering, and all of us suffer so greatly in body and spirit, that even the saints have difficulty understanding this. It is one of the most difficult tasks of the individuation process to accept sorrow and joy, pain and pleasure, God's anger and God's grace. The opposites - suffering and joy, pain and pleasure - are symbolically united in masochism. Thus life can be actually accepted, and even pain can be joyfully experienced. The masochist, in a remarkable and fantastic way, confronts and comes to terms with the greatests opposites of our existence."

- Meeting the Shadow: The Hidden Power of the Dark Side of Human Nature, Eds. Connie Zweig and Jeremiah Abrams

Christmas Special on Couples Sessions

There is something very special about playing with couples. First of all, it is quite remarkable when people in long-term relationships make it a priority to keep their bedroom romps interesting and edgy after so many years. Second of all, being able to witness the intimacy of two people who know each other so well stepping into the unknown together is precious.
Therefore, until Jan. 31, 2009 I am offering a special rate for couples sessions. Please contact me for details.

*I will not see couples unless I have agreement from BOTH parties that this is something that they BOTH want to do. If I sense coercion in any way I will not book the session. Nervousness and hesitation, however, are normal, and I will do everything in my power to answer any questions and allay any fears beforehand.
*I am open to booking with heterosexual couples as well as LGBT couples.

*One partner is submissive, wants other partner to learn how to dominate them. Partner #2 is willing but wants a lesson or two from Me.
*Both partners are submissive to Me, but one gets made My assistant, allowing them to take on a switch type role in which I direct them to dominate their partner.
*Both partners switch (are interested in learning about both their dominant and submissive sides). Again under My facilitation, both parties get opportunities to play both roles.
*Feel free to suggest another scenario...

NOTE: I am also available for private lessons to women who want to learn how to access or further develop themselves as Dominant women one-on-one. Again, contact me for details.


Friday, December 12, 2008

Civilized behaviour aside...

I have quite the mental capacity for perverted thinking, or so those close to me like to brag. Since there is hardly a moment when I am not entertaining myself with the imagined kinky potential of someone, something, or some situation, you can probably imagine that the landscape inside my mind is quite colourful. I'll add that these are fun fantasies intended for consensual enjoyment, not ideas for non-consensual or criminal activity.

1. While sitting on the subway one day in late summer, it crossed my mind that it would be so lovely if I could make a naked slave crawl slowly through the car, licking the soles of the hundreds of sexy strappy sandals dangling off the perfectly pedicured feet of the female riders...
2. Also on the subway, imagining an intricate bondage scene in which male and female slaves were stripped and tied to the poles in the subway with rope, arms fastened above their heads, so that anyone entering or exiting the subway could do as they wished...
3. Out for dinner with friends at a rather fancy restaurant in which all the waitstaff seemed uptight, imagining a slave on a collar and lead under the table lying at my feet. I would occasionally feed it bits of food from my plate, kicking it gently if it attempted to move, and upon rising to leave, force it to crawl the length of the restaurant in front of the waitstaff and the other diners like a well-behaved doggy...
4. At the airport waiting for a plane, laughing hysterically to myself imagining the handsome border control officers confiscating the silky pieces of lingerie in my suitcase so they can try it all on for each other in the back room...

You'll never see subways, restaurants, or airports the same way again, I guarantee it.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Healthy BDSM Tips: A Holiday Reminder

"Take one more precaution than you think you need to." - Jay Wiseman

*1. Stay sober when playing.
*2. Get tested for STIs annually or whenever your health seems poor.
*3. Respect yourself and your right to say no to any activity you aren't interested in or comfortable with.
*4. Think with your head; know the risks involved in what you're doing and take steps to minimize them.
*5. Be prepared for the unexpected.
6. Check in with yourself periodically to determine whether your BDSM activities are still enhancing your physical and psychological well-being. BDSM adds creativity, colour, and depth to sensual engagement. It should not become a self-destructive impulse.