Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kinky Thought of the Day

"To experience the fullness of human experience, we need passivity and receptivity as well as assertion.
We need a sense of mystical wonder as well as rational problem solving.
We need to be in touch with what the psychoanalyst Carl Jung called "the shadow" - the weak, limited, degraded, sinful side of ourselves as well as the strong, loving, compassionate, competent side.
We need to move out from under the onus of our egocentric way of viewing life; to abdicate control as well as to take it.
Masochistic submission, in centering on lack, inadequacy and weakness, puts us in touch with the entirety of our humanity."

~ By Dorothy C. Hayden, in Masochism as a Spiritual Path

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Visit to Montreal in August

So I am thinking of taking My show on the road. I have had enough of you over the last year emailing Me asking when I will be visiting "X, Y, and Z" place to have made the decision to try doing working tours. I will be starting with My hometown of Montreal, and if that goes well, I will try going a little further. The tour will be pending enough parties interested in sessions to make it worth the travel expenses, and will likely take place in August.
If you are a Montrealer, and potentially interested in a session with Me if I visit, please contact Me asap. I will be collecting a list of interested parties, whom I will notify if the trip occurs.

Ladies Taking Porn Into Their Own Hands

Last night I attended an event, now in its fourth year, called the Feminist Porn Awards. The only event of its kind in the world, it seeks to honour the best new porn films that women had a hand in making, producing, directing, etc., as well as ones that depict actual female pleasure and orgasm.

I have to say that the kinky films that won awards last night were some of the hottest I have ever seen, succesfully depicting BDSM as empowering and fulfilling without compromising the hardcore domination and submission content.

Especially worth checking out are films by Madison Young, a highly talented new adult film director and actress based out of San Fransisco.
The film clip showing Madison tied to a chair with her breasts bound, moaning as she slowly dripped wax on her hard nipples will not soon be forgotten ;-)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Leave You Hanging? My Pleasure!

Introducing the latest addition to my ever-more-formidable play space: The Brumbie Tower. A completely original design, this is a multifunctional bondage tower with a bend-over spanking bar attatchment. This model was made to fit my space, but the extraordinary woodworker who created it is willing to reproduce it to your measurements if you are interested in ordering one. Email me if you'd like his contact info!

This photograph was taken mid-assembly, sans chains, cuffs, collar, etc.

I have since prettied it up, and am wetly looking forward to lynching somebody on it! Arms restrained tightly above your head, your neck held in place with a leather collar hanging from the top of the structure, I can do absolutely anything I wish to you, while you look on helpless!

If your behaviour has been unquestionably bad, I may order you to bend over the spanking bar so that I can administer the kind of punishment I know you need.

Come play with Me. I promise to leave you hanging!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kinky Thought of the Day

This quote is from a reading I had to do in university in Sexuality Studies...gotta love talking about kinky sex in class!

"Indeed, the outrage of S/M is precisely its hostility to the idea of Nature as the custodian of social power: S/M refuses to read power as fate or destiny. Since S/M is the theatrical exercise of social contradiction, it is self-consciously against Nature, not in the sense that it violates natural law, but in the sense that it denies the existence of natural law in the first place.
S/M performs social power as both contingent and constitutive, as sanctioned neither by fate nor by God, but by social convention and invention and thus open to historical change."

- Anne McClintock, "Maid to Order: Commercial S/M and Gender Power