Monday, June 7, 2010

Need Your Feedback!

I am working on two new workshops.

One is for men who have submissive desires but who are too afraid of compromising their masculinity (or maybe just too ashamed, guilt-ridden, or afraid) to explore them.

The second is for female partners of men who have kinky desires, in order to help them better understand their guys' kinks.

I am aware that guys aren't necessarily interested in group workshops with other men. Not always into discussing feelings, much less subversive desires, I I want to ask: What would make you feel comfortable attending a workshop with other guys with submissive interests? What elements would need to be there?

You can either post your feedback as comments or email Me at

Thanks in advance!


Matt said...


It sounds like an interesting idea, but there is little I can think of that would make me comfortable enough to discuss my feelings and desires in the presence of others. As You have seen first-hand, I would have to grow much more confident in myself before I could be comfortable with others.

It will be interesting to see if this comes together, and much more interesting to see if I could convince myself to attend.

Azul said...

A clear description of what would and would not be expected of the participants would help quite a lot.

damouse said...

The fundamental requirement for any workshop that deals with intimate matters would be a mutual commitment to maintaining confidentiality, with clear explanations what that means: after that the expectations would be for all participants to be honest and finally there has to be a commitment that if a workshop participant says no, it means no and there will be no coercion or reprisal...the workshop leader needs to be able to articulate these matters effectively before the workshop create a safe environment to open up ....