Wednesday, September 22, 2010

En Francais...

Ok, ok, last trip for awhile...I am just an insatiable travel bug in addition to being an insatiable Mistress (a penchant for intrigue and adventure I suppose)! I will be stomping around the south of France tracing the lineage of Mary Magdalene with a wonderful group of women. Session bookings will resume from October 6 straight on into the holidays...send Me your request for a spot in October via email if you like.

Please note that due to the overwhelming number of projects that I am now involved in to further my vision of sexual healing and development for all who seek it, My time is generally speaking somewhat more limited than it has been in the past. I am of course still offering and enjoying live sessions - there is just a bit less flexibility in terms of when I can fit you in. When you send in a session request, if at all possible, give Me a few potential session times.dates so that I can find a spot that works for both of U/us.

Whips and kisses,
Her Majesty Princess Shahrazad

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