Saturday, May 14, 2011

Musings on Fetish and Travel Plans

First of all, I just wanted to announce two new sets of travel dates during which I will NOT be taking sessions: May 20-29, and June 23-July 4, 2011. Please book now to get a spot before, in between, or after those dates.

I was thinking the other day about how lucky I am that I get exposure to the juicy joys of so many unconventional forms of eroticism. The diversity of desires out there is remarkable and so unique to each person that it is a wonder that anyone can claim not to fetishize anything unusual.

What exactly is a fetish? A dictionary definition:

"Any object regarded with awe as having magickal potency, or an object or non-genital part of the body that causes an erotic response." And don't our fetishes do that for us? Take what is already a pleasurable experience and make it that much more magickal and powerful?

I made a list of 10 of some of the most interesting things that clients over the years have divulged as fetishes that enhance their sexual experience, for your reading pleasure.

1. Hunter rain boots
2. Black nail polish
3. Librarian glasses
4. Gas masks
5. Batman and Robin costumes
6. Vintage petticoats
7. Dove soap (washing mouth out with)
8. Pantyhose
9. Diapers
10.Stuffed Animals

One person's object of adoration might be bizarre to someone else, but we all have them!
What are yours?

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Matt said...


You have already listed my most prevalent fetish, but number 3 intrigues me as well. There's something about a beautiful woman wearing eyeglasses, and that style of eyeglasses in particular, that makes Her that much sexier. There have been many studies and opinions on why and how O/our fetishes are borne, what is Your opinion on the matter? And if I may be so bold, what are Your fetishes?